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Don has been a structural engineer for over 35 years with extensive experience on a wide range of project types from reinforced concrete and structural steel high-rise residential/office buildings to higher education and healthcare structures to single family homes. His experience covers new structures as well as renovation of existing buildings. He has a track record of being able to balance the priorities of architects, owners, and contractors. He is particularly interested in developing structural systems and details that address the architectural requirements while also considering constructability and economic requirements. He also enjoys applying lessons learned from his many years of experience to solve unusual construction issues, brainstorm ideas, and mentor younger staff.




Innovate One at University Research Park*

Madison, WI

SoNo East & West*

Chicago, IL

Joffrey Tower*

Chicago, IL

Eight O Five*

Chicago, IL

Crate & Barrel Headquarters*

Northbrook, IL

160 N Morgan*

Chicago, IL

Block 120 Mixed Use*

Chicago, IL

Great American Tower*

Cincinnati, OH

Block 37 Residence Tower*

Chicago, IL

One Bennett Park*

Chicago, IL

*completed prior to joining FSE


University of Illinois Chicago

Bachelor of Architecture in 

Structures, Architecture, and 

Structural Engineering


Structural Engineer (S.E.)


Don enjoys spending time with his adult son, listening to music on high-end headphone systems, playing drums in his church worship band and watching YouTube videos about various audiophile topics.

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