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Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill
GH Johnson Construction


Glenview, IL


72,000 sqft



Willow Creek Church - Northshore

The new 72,000 SF worship facility includes two auditoriums, office space, classroom wings, café and outdoor nature areas. The building is oval in shape with interior courtyards cuts out from the building. The design of the building is inspired by the form of a Seed which is a biblical reference and also symbolizes a strong connection of the building design to nature. The building shape is symmetrical about the north/south axis, and is designed to strategically utilize natural light and to bring the experience of the outdoors to the building occupants. 

FSE collaborated with AS+GG to develop a cost effective graceful structure to achieve these results with a combination of 150-foot clear span trusses, bar joists, curtain-wall and cantilevered steel framing.

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