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Booth Hansen
John Buck Company


Chicago, IL


400,000 sqft



Virgin Hotel

203 N. Wabash was formerly known as the Old Dearborn Bank and was constructed in 1928. The building is comprised of steel frame construction and is founded upon rock caissons. The typical floor construction is comprised of an unique two-way ribbed joists system. The building will become the new home for Virgin Hotel Chicago. With limited original documentation and no structural drawings, FSE led a team through selective exploration, documentation, structural analysis and final design to ensure that all the new modifications could be performed successfully. Project highlights include strengthening the existing floor structure at various locations including a new fitness/spa amenity level, implementing new elevators and stairs, building a new rooftop bar amenity, and building a new lower level 3 for building function. The project also involves selective demolition and recreation of the original two-story atrium as well as adding a new canopy and modern sidewalk elevator entrance.

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