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Weese Langley Weese


Chicago, IL





North Avenue

This development features the use of an existing warehouse as well as new construction. The existing 4 story warehouse in the middle of the block was redesigned to accommodate affordable family apartments along with meticulous terra cotta faced renovation. The new 5 story concrete frame building on the West corner contains apartments for seniors, as well as community space and parking. 

And finally, the new adaptive reuse of the building on the East corner completes this block on North Avenue. The adaptive design using the “bones” of the old heavy timber floor framed to steel plate girders which clear spanned to the exterior walls. The removal of the existing first floor allowed for the subsequent addition of two new frame floors by optimizing the original first floor clear height. The strengthening of several of the existing “built-up” columns was necessary in design to account for the building’s lateral design. In addition to the new framed floors, two new stairs, an elevator, as well as a new service entrance garage. Successfully completed, the new building blends right into this neighborhood along with the previously completed buildings on this block.

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