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Booth Hansen


Chicago, IL


16,500 sqft



Farm on Ogden

This adaptive re-use of an old warehouse building in the Lawndale community was converted into a new urban farm that continues to create new jobs and organic fresh food. 

Some statistic from Windy City Harvest concerning the operation of the Farm during the first year: 

-10,000 tours -VeggieRx prescriptions (produce and cooking/nutrition classes) for 500 individuals 

-3400 heads of lettuce harvested, packed and distributed per week through VeggieRx, FOO Retail Store & Wholesaler 

-Aggregated and distributed 130,000 pounds of produce from Windy City Harvest farm sites 

-Retail market earned 85% over projections 

-Employed 45 teens per year 

-Employed full-time 35 justice involved adults per year 

-Trained 20 apprentices per year earning certificates in sustainable agriculture

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